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Experiential Marketing & Event Design Agency based in Massachusetts creating brand experiences that drive business growth through client collaboration & creative thinking.

At VDA, our clients – and their goals – drive our designs, allowing us to craft memorable events, catered to client objectives, that build connections and drive responses in attendees. VDA has watched as times and trends have changed, and the focus of events has shifted from the stuff to the engagement, the creativity, the innovation, and the disruptive factor. We are solution-driven, outside-the-box thinkers, with the knowledge and experience to deliver truly unique events.

To make your vision a reality, VDA employs a full-time team of executive staff, creative designers, producers, and production managers with areas of expertise in lighting, audiovisual, theatrical set design, and event technology. Our Massachusetts headquarters is home to a workshop of exceedingly skilled, educated, and efficient craftspeople, each trained to produce a high caliber of work.

Custom Event Design.

As a creative event design agency, VDA has the capabilities to create a totally unique, customized event design. The scope and experience of our staff allow us to provide turnkey event management solutions, integrating creative design, logistics, fabrication, and on-site fulfillment, with the majority of our production needs being met fully in-house.

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Experiential Marketing Strategy

In today’s consumer culture, our lives are bombarded by all different types of brand messaging – from social media, to online ads specifically catered to our cookies and browsing history, our inboxes are spammed with marketing emails that many of us decide to send straight to the junk box. Brands are trying to speak louder to break through the noise, yet how effective is raising your voice when everybody else is doing the same? Therein lies the key differentiator between experiential, live events, and any other marketing effort or strategy.

Set your brand apart by letting your customers experience your brand in real life. We do your research, generate original ideas, and together with you, create and deliver experiential strategy concepts, aligned with your marketing goals, that transform consumers into fans who can’t wait to tell the world about your brand. Instead of shouting, let your community do it for you.

•Experiential Strategy    •Research & Development    •Strategic Partnerships    •Brand Activation    •Education Outreach & Messaging Development


Creative and Event Design

At VDA, we know that brand is so much more than a logo placed statically on a product or a website. Your brand is an ephemeral feeling – a constantly evolving message – and the way your brand is perceived by your clients, customers, and employees is a reflection of your product or company. Together we will create and activate, visually eye-catching, customized designs, that incorporate your strategic vision to build innovative, engaging experiences, where people connect seamlessly to your brand.

Consumers enjoy and desire interactivity, and as your event partner, we endeavor to create the ultimate engagement factor that will bring your brand to life, re-enforcing your brand identity in the 3D world. Your goals drive our design; we consider how we can create a connection, a memory, and a lasting impression in your consumers that will help you reach your goals and metrics. Therefore, we don’t create events for you, but with you, focused on your attendees.

 •Art Direction & Design Strategy    •Exhibit/Display Design    •Experiential Activations    •Interactive/Tech Integrations    •Environmental Design    •Graphic Design    •Renderings


Custom Fabrication

We understand that every brand is unique, so we put custom fabrication at the heart of our fully integrated process.  We build with perspective to deliver experiences in a cutting-edge, uniquely tailored manner. Custom environments, trade shows, exhibits or one-of-a-kind themed events? personalized 3D marketing is the way to stand out.

•Technical Build Drawings    •Engineering    •Material Consulting    •Fabrication    •Project Management    •Scenic, Lighting, Audio, Video Design


Event Management & Production

Designing unique and unforgettable experiences is only half of the battle; the next challenge is flawless execution. Our 30+ years of event production experience guarantees that no element or detail goes unconsidered, giving you the peace of mind that what you will see, touch, and feel will be on par with your vision.

•Production Strategy    •On-site Installations    •Technical Direction    •Event Technology Experts    •Operations Consulting    •Interactive Technologies

Our Team.

  • David G. Breen VDA 2X3
    David G. Breen
    Principal Designer & Founder
  • Heather Munnell Headshsot edited
    Heather Munnell
    Director, Client Experience
  • Marcel H. Nyffenegger
    Sr. Director, Project Management
  • Michael Rosa VDA - Director of Production
    Michael Rosa
    Director, Production Services
  • Jeanine VDA edited 2x3
    Jeanine Losano
    Director, Finance & HR
  • Ross Troiano VDA
    Ross Troiano
    Director, Operations
  • David G. Breen VDA 2X3
    David G. Breen
    Principal Designer & Founder
  • Amy Grigg VDA
    Amy Grigg
    Manager, Creative Services
  • Paulina Modestow VDA
    Paulina Modestow
    Associate Designer / Graphics Lead
  • Raybien Felizardo
    Graphic Designer / Renderer
  • Kate Johansen
    Kate Johansen
    Graphic Designer / Renderer
  • Heather Munnell Headshsot edited
    Heather Munnell
    Director, Client Experience
  • Melanie Rich VDA
    Melanie (Britto) Rich
    Business Development Specialist
  • Reed Jones VDA headshot
    Reed Jones
    Business Development Specialist
  • Pauline Choquet
    Pauline Choquet
    Sales Coordinator
  • Marcel H. Nyffenegger
    Sr. Director, Project Management
  • James Walkowiak VDA
    James Walkowiak
    Associate Director, Project Management
  • Jesse Mitchell VDA
    Jesse Mitchell
    Associate Director, Project Management
  • Anne Dresbach VDA
    Anne Dresbach
    Senior Lighting Designer
  • Mark Keene VDA
    Mark Keene
    Manager, Event Technology & IT
  • Mark Smith VDA Senior Sound Engineer & Technology Manager
    Mark Smith
    Senior Audio Engineer, Technology Manager
  • Todd Sargent VDA
    Todd Sargent
    Senior Project Manager
  • VDA Event Project Manager
    Julia Curiale
    Project Manager
  • Sara Greene VDA
    Sara Greene
    Project Manager
  • Michael Rosa VDA - Director of Production
    Michael Rosa
    Director, Production Services
  • Doug Hallenbrook VDA Production Shop Manager
    Doug Hallenbrook
    Production Shop Manager
  • Val Burke - VDA
    Val Burke
    Metal Shop Manager
  • Helen McCarthy
    Helen McCarthy
    Paintshop Manager
  • Kayla Williams
    Paintshop Assistant
  • Andrew Kolifrath VDA - Purchasing Agent
    Andrew Kolifrath
    Purchasing Agent
  • Meghan Lowney - VDA Draftsperson
    Meghan Lowney


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VDA has received multiple Awards for Best Stage Experience at the Experience Design & Technology Awards presented by Event Marketer.

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