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Host Virtual/Hybrid Conferences, Fundraising Events, Trade Shows & more.

The most successful live event experiences engage attendees and amplify your brand. In all our years of helping companies – we’ve never met a client who wanted us to help them deliver a “cookie-cutter” event. It is about striving to create flawlessly executed, knock-out experiences that are authentic to your brand. The same applies when thinking about virtual events.

VDA Virtual is here to ensure your success.

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3D Virtual Environments.

A uniquely immersive branded virtual environment provides much more than just streaming content; it is a thoughtfully curated, interactive journey. While nothing can fully replace in-person events, VDA Virtual allows you to create a customized 3D virtual world, where attendees can engage in activities, network, attend keynote/ breakout session presentations and explore product offerings in a fully realized expo.

Looking to host a meeting, job fair, gala, trade show, awards ceremony, campaign, or conference? Bring it digitally with VDA Virtual, helping you create and deliver unique, dynamic digital event experiences.


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Take your events online, create a transformative virtual experience, and boost your ROI. Let us show you how:

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Virtual Meetings & Conferences

Delivering unique, memorable experiences is at the heart of what we do best. We all know the industry trends – attention spans are low and zoom fatigue has set in – so how do you create break-through experiences during our current ever-changing landscape? Use this great opportunity to reinvent and reimagine new ways to connect with your attendees digitally. Be mindful of what neuroscience has taught us – different people learn differently. It is important to deliver crisp content that is self-guided. Adding interactive offerings that are sprinkled with an element of surprise and delight or gamification is the special sauce that makes for a dynamic experience.

From intimate customer gatherings to award ceremonies and large meetings, VDA Virtual has the capacity to create an impactful experience at any scale. The digital possibilities are endless with technology that allows us to build custom venues or re-create any existing space. Enable your audience to navigate with ease in a visually rich, highly interactive, and hyper-realistic environment. Utilizing 3D rendering technology, VDA Virtual has the ability to bring any convention center or ballroom to life.



Online Sponsorship & Fundraising

Looking to host an online fundraising campaign? VDA Virtual provides an intimate and secure space for recognition events and galas. While physical events might allow you to display a static sponsor logo, a virtual fundraising event gives you the ability to level up your sponsor deliverables with clickthrough experiences to sponsor messaging and websites. Activate your next silent auction in a virtual format and let the bidding wars begin!

Hosting a repeat event? Make your attendees feel at home by hosting your conference in a familiar space or astonish them with a new locale!

For security purposes, all bidding transactions are handled safely and securely through a third-party payment collection tool.



Virtual Tradeshows and Product Demonstrations

Attendees relish visiting a conference expo to learn, challenge, explore, and connect with the gurus who make it all happen. Replicate a physical trade show with a branded fully 3D rendered expo providing sponsorship value to partners. We guarantee that we can create a life-like, on-brand experience that will exceed all expectations.

Attendees can chat with SMEs, watch demos, or participate in private briefings via Zoom. Resolve queries in real-time and equip attendees with more information through live chat forums. Allow attendees to benefit from group chat features or have one-on-one interactions with brand ambassadors. Provide attendees with virtual swag bags where they can collect branded goodies, collateral, or content that they want to engage with post-event.


Virtual Attendee Engagement

The elements of surprise and delight aren’t limited to live events – in fact, the value of experiential marketing is also critical to your customer’s engagement in digital events. As experts in the experiential events industry, it goes without saying that the value of creating an experience is just as critical in a virtual event digital format!

VDA Virtual is ready to help recommend hosts and TV personalities to ensure a great show-flow, pop-up acoustic concerts, trivia contests, digital scavenger hunts, and customized game shows.



New Features.

We added new cool functionalities that make your virtual event even more intuitive and interactive. Are you ready to see them?

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Created Virtual and Hybrid Events For:



Everything You Need For A Successful Virtual Event.

Backed by a team of dedicated event professionals, we are with you from start to finish.


  • Engage Audiences At Scale

    Hosting an intimate customer briefing or transitioning your expo experience to online? VDA Virtual has designed a virtual events complex to deliver on any scale. From 10 attendees to tens of thousands.

  • Measure Your Impact

    VDA Virtual will help you to see the big picture; understand where – and for how long – your attendees are engaging in your virtual events experience. Curious to see which breakout sessions were a success and which didn’t quite deliver? VDA Virtual provides you with the data to track overall attendee interaction within your custom events complex.

  • Full Customization

    Unlike most other virtual event offerings, VDA Virtual is fully and uniquely customizable, meaning, we can recreate or fully replicate any space! Looking to bring your attendees into the Sands Convention Center, Javits Center, or a well-known events space on campus or within a corporate office? VDA Virtual can give you the tools to transport your attendees into these recognizable spaces, providing a strong sense of connection to the event.

  • Mobile & Tablet Friendly

    Backed by mobile-friendly technology, Virtual VDA can be operated from any device. Give attendees the power to access events through their tablet or cell phone with on-the-go viewing capabilities. Accessible events, 24/7, without compromising quality.

Host Unique VR Experiences.

With our 3D technology, we make it possible for your audience to be immersed in any existing or imagined environment. We help you design individualized engagement features that allow all-access interactivity and entertainment.

Our user-friendly interface makes it easy to move around the virtual experience and is designed to boost social interaction and create connections among participants regardless of their location. See even the craziest event ideas come together in one seamless virtual experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions.


We canceled our event. Should we try to reschedule or replace it?

If your event was canceled due to COVID-19, while we can’t make the decision if you should reschedule, we can help provide you with some guidance and questions to contemplate as you consider transitioning to digital. We encourage you to think about:

  1. What type of event are you having?
  2. What are you trying to achieve by replacing it in a digital format?

You need to figure out what your goals are – just as you would do for a live event. While the format for delivery has changed, the principles should be the same as if you asked them in the context of a live event. If your event goals and deliverables can be achieved in a digital format, it’s time to start planning your virtual event transformation!

What are virtual events and how do they work?

Virtual events are typically characterized by one to two days of live and pre-recorded content being available in a hosted space. It’s simply not feasible for attendees to do an 8-hour virtual conference, and it all comes down to human nature. People lose focus, get distracted, check their phones, or have a dozen other tabs open on their computer. There is less accountability in a digital format, but it’s crucial nonetheless to keep your audience fully engaged.  We recommend that you limit your programming to one-third of the amount of time and content that would be planned for an in-person event.

How do I host a successful virtual event?

In order to have a successful virtual event, you need to make sure you have the right support in place to deliver an exceptional product. That’s where the team from VDA Virtual comes in! With 35 years as an event industry leader, our team has the technical know-how to animate your virtual event.

From a planning standpoint, your virtual event preparation process should mirror that of a live event; most importantly you need a strong internet connection, followed by thoughtfully curated content, rehearsals, skillfully crafted experiences, favorable lighting, and crisp audio.

Given the uncertainty we are all facing, it is important now, more than ever, to make your event as “human” as possible. This is highly feasible in a branded digital format, through chat and networking features, virtual breakout rooms, and private meeting rooms.

What is the difference between a webcast, webinar, and a virtual event?

For starters, a webcast is a media presentation delivered over the Internet using streaming technology. A webcast is a one-way only transmission format, from the speaker to the audience, limiteDd to one content source. A webcast can be distributed live or in a pre-recorded format, but since they are not time-constrained, webcasts can be viewed at any time of the day or night. The attendee can tune in at their leisure, with the ability to function over multiple time zones.

A webinar, on the other hand, is a level up in terms of audience interactivity and engagement. Webinars give the ability for a single speaker, or a group of speakers, to deliver a presentation to a large, live audience. The audience can submit questions, respond to polls, and discuss materials in real-time.

Full virtual events exceed the capabilities of both webcasts and webinars by immersing attendees in a 3D, self-navigable experience. Full virtual events, like those built by VDA Virtual, bring reality into your living room or home office by replicating real-life locales. Large-scale virtual events have the ability to bring a fully rendered expo floor onto your computer screen, bring a combination of live feed or pre-recorded content options, or bring an interactive, experiential village to life with a scavenger hunt, brand trivia, or live Q&A sessions.

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Take your events online, create a transformative virtual experience, and boost your ROI. Let us show you how:

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