The VDA Re-purposing Initiative reduces waste and supports Arts and its community through its donations.

The past several years, we have expanded participation in the initiative by reaching out to various theatre, artist, and upcycling groups. We have numerous public school teachers, children’s camps, as well as educational programs like Parts and Crafts and Fire Seed Arts involved too. Small theatre groups such as Wholetone Opera Company, have been able to produce shows on shoestring budgets thanks to the initiative.

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Recycling Matters.

Many other artists have reported back that our materials have been an invaluable resource and tell me about their multimedia art installations, paintings, décor, ect. Even the more mundane re-purposing reports mean that we are reducing the waste and helping others to solve problems in an economical way. We are excited to continue to build the Re-purposing Initiative in the coming year. Read more in our blog post.

  • 2.12 Billion Tons of Waste per year worldwide
  • 99% Of purchased stuff is trashed within 6 months
  • 965 Number of Entertainment Companies worldwide


“The VDA repurposing initiative has provided much of the materials for the theatre and art department of Thomas A. Edison K-8, a Boston Public School. With very little budget available, I hope to engage students in advanced technical projects as we build and paint the sets for the shows.  The Repurposing Initiative has enabled us to build and paint set for shows from West Side Story to Hairspray to the Lion King.  Access to materials also allows us to work closely with middle school to develop skills in construction, carving, painting, and sewing in the classroom and on the stage. 

— Amelia Gossett, Teacher, Scenic Artist and Designer

Thank you VDA Re-Purposing Initiative for the coroplast for the walls for our camp shower. Not as beautiful and artistic as some uses, but a bunch of beautiful and artistic people really appreciated the opportunity to wash the dust off from time to time!

—  Rachel Mello

Thank you VDA re-purposing…Somerville High School robotics team is using your materials for tablecloths, a drop cloth and acrylic on our robot. Fluff Festival 2018!

— Somerville Highschool 

Hi all, I just wanted to say thankyou to the VDA Initiative and share how my Burning Man camp was able to use the colored nylon fabric from a couple months ago for the bottom half of our dome plus for the orange pillow cases(you can see one of them peeking out). 

—  Amanda Marcus

Thank you VDA Re-Purposing Initiative. I had an immediate need for a custom sized but comfortable seat that would fit/fold into the back of my small vehicle. The padded white vinyl sheets were easily cut down to fit – even the weird angles were usable!

— Carl Gruesz