FICP Annual Conference


Increasing Attendee Engagement

Known for its array of educational opportunities and dedicated networking time, the FICP Annual Conference brings together meetings professionals and hospitality partners for four unforgettable days of exploration, innovation and connection.

The client asked for an immersive branded environment with the main goal to increase attendee engagement. VDA delivered a 3D Marketing Solution inclusive of the latest technology, lighting and video production to create a uniquely branded dimensional stage design and aesthetic, which supported all stage dynamics throughout the 4 days of the conference for keynote speakers such as Bert Jacobs, the founder of Life is Good.

Highlight Brand Identity

The unconventional blend of traditional scenery and high-end technology gave the conference audience a strong, long-lasting impression.  The environment utilized hard scenery, traditional projection as well as LED tiles and multi-layered translucent materials to highlight the strong cohesive FICP brand identity. We created a dynamic conference experience, which strongly resonated with the conference audience.

The client was amazed with the results. The response from attendees was overwhelmingly positive. The audience was impressed with the visual translation of the show graphic to an entire stage presentation, which inspired all attendees to connect on a deeper more personal level.

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