CrowdStrike – Fal.Con 2022


Elevating Cybersecurity with Unique Experiences and Big Goals

The Fal.Con conference was all about boosting CrowdStrike’s reputation, sales, and throwing a cybersecurity expo that would stand out from the rest. The challenge was to create a unique and engaging experience for customers and partners, showcasing CrowdStrike’s latest developments and industry leadership. The task assigned to VDA was to create an expo experience that was both educational and enjoyable, leaving a lasting impression on the attendees.

Optimizing Attendee Flow with a Circular Floor Plan

VDA’s strategic solution included the conceptualization and design of an immersive and interactive expo experience using cutting-edge technology and strategic design elements. Our creative team worked closely with CrowdStrike to optimize attendee flow with a circular floor plan. This approach focused on stimulating collaboration, knowledge sharing, and networking opportunities among attendees, encompassing all aspects of the experience including the exhibits and activations with the CrowdStrike presence holding place in the center of the floor.

CrowdStrike conference

Expo design - event agency - crowdstrike

Immersive Activations and Theaters for Interactive Participation

VDA created all main points of engagement, including the registration area, the CrowdStrike exhibit (the Hub), the Customer Lounge, the swag store, activations, and theaters. Customized turnkey booths were designed for sponsors, showcasing the ROI and dramatically increasing sales.

The overhead circular LED screen in the Hub provided visually stimulating branded messaging and conference schedule information. Hands-on activations, such as the ping pong ball dispenser in the Customer Lounge, offered a refreshing break from the tech-heavy theme. 

Experiential Design - Expo event design

Enhancing Thought Leadership and Demonstrating Commitment to the Community

The partnership with Operations Motorsports showcased CrowdStrike’s commitment to the community, with a GT racing car activation where attendees engaged in racing simulators, resulting in donations to the organization.

VDA also placed a TV broadcast stage on the expo floor, allowing live interviews with the CrowdStrike leadership team and partners, reinforcing their thought leadership position.

Trade show brand activations - tech - crowdstrike

falcon 2022 the cube

TV broadcast stage on the expo floor - experiential marketing and event design


VDA’s expertise in experiential marketing and event design delivered a unique and interactive B2B expo experience for the attendees, resulting in high satisfaction from sponsors and attendees alike.

The results of Fal.Con 2022 were outstanding, with sponsorship sales increasing exponentially compared to previous years, surpassing the original goal by over 4 times the target revenue. Our ability to operate within a tight timeline and provide hyper-realistic visual representations of each sponsor area was instrumental in selling sponsorships and gaining stakeholder buy-in.

The innovative and strategic circular floor plan of the expo played a significant role in increasing the visibility of all levels of sponsorship. The most common comment from sponsors was: “There was not a bad spot on the expo floor. This was one of the most successful events in which we have ever participated.”

VDA’s expertise in strategy, environmental design, lighting, fabrication, logistics, and event management played a pivotal role in the success of the project. 


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