Thrive Learning

Experiential Go-to-Market Campaign

With VDA’s assistance, THRIVE successfully entered the US market and established itself as a key player within the EdTech industry. With two go-to-market events, THRIVE was able to communicate and demonstrate its unique brand character and value proposition through personable and fun expo experiences.

Thrive front rendering

thrive experiential campaign VDA activation

Best of Show Award

Our brand experience at ATD Conference was especially popular, thus earning the prestigious award “Best of Show. Inspired by arcade games, we integrated playful and interactive elements into the environment, which sparked curiosity and attracted many visitors. The first expo event brought in a significantly higher number of foot traffic and generated more leads compared to the initial projections. The second brand experience at the ADT yielded even better results, achieving over 55% of the targeted foot traffic and doubling the lead generation goals.

thrive experiential campaign VDA

tradeshow expo design Thrive VDA


The client was delighted with the results and how the experiential approach led to more genuine conversations with attendees, thus generating more prospective leads and increasing ROI by over 45%. 

thrive best of show award

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