Dell Technologies World – Tech Connect Booth


Education Outreach & Brand Messaging

The entire experience was designed to encourage trade show visitors to stop by the Tech Connect booth and watch an educational 15-minute video about the Tech Connect partner program since this booth did not have any physical product or solutions displays.

Apart from the educational piece, Tech Connect’s main objective was to increase its “Passport Program” attendee participation, which essentially incentivized visitors to stop by all its Partner booths located on the expo floor. With a fully stamped passport, attendees could return to the Tech Connect booth and claim a prize.

The Jurassic Park @ Dell Technologies World

To draw interest and encourage visitors to interact with the Tech Connect business unit, VDA created a “Jurassic World” themed booth complete with the iconic “Jurassic Park” (or so-called “Tech World”) gates, a 40-foot wide volcano, ‘live’ dinosaurs, and large prehistoric trees.

To support the goals of the booth and stand out on the expo floor, VDA made a conscious choice to bring the elements of nature and wildlife into a tech environment, which is typically represented by acrylic and metallic components. We brought in a full-scale latex, animated, movie-quality velociraptor for Photo Ops, and a mix of materials including real and hand-painted greenery, faux rusted metal, and presentation pedestals built to model tree trunks.

  • 15% Increase in Passport Program participants
  • TOP 5 Most visited booth on the expo floor
  • 24% Increase in Social Media Impressions

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