October 26, 2018

VDA receives the President’s Choice Award

On Friday, October 26, 2018, the Greater Boston Food Bank (GBFB) honored their most dedicated volunteers, donors, and advocates at its annual Partner Appreciation Day. VDA was presented with the President’s Choice Award in recognition of the continued success in our stewardship of their largest annual event, the Greater Boston Food Bank Festival. Through our #VDAGIVESBACK initiative, we have a deep-rooted commitment to our clients and community, so the opportunity to work with an organization like the Greater Boston Food Bank is truly core to our message at VDA.The Greater Boston Food Bank annual Partner Appreciation Day

With the help of the team from VDA, the annual fundraiser, which originated as a traditional sit-down gala, has evolved into a street festival themed environment featuring live entertainment, local artists, and a variety of food stations. Hosted in the Greater Boston Food Bank’s 117,000 square-foot warehouse, the festival décor changes each year to bring focus to a segment of the Food Bank’s mission, and to align with that year’s goals. The transformation from a traditional dinner gala, into an educational festival has allowed the GBFB to connect and engage with attendees on a deeper and more meaningful level. Boston’s biggest and most successful fundraiser of 2018, this year’s Greater Boston Food Bank Festival exceeded its goal by drawing in more than 400 guests and raising a record-setting $1.15 million. This represents approximately 3.4 million meals which are provided to people struggling with hunger in Eastern Massachusetts.

VDA's founder David G. Breen at the Greater Boston Food Bank

For more information on the President’s Choice Award or the Greater Boston Food Bank and the amazing work they do, and if you’re interested in donating and becoming a supporter of their mission to #endhungernow, please check out their website here:

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