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Sustainable Centar Brand Activation: Repurposing Materials for Impact

VDA collaborated closely with PTC to craft memorable brand activations at their prestigious annual conference, LIVEWORX. The centerpiece of our strategy was the innovative use of repurposed event materials, aligning with PTC’s commitment to sustainability. This central piece not only showcased creative reuse but also underscored PTC’s dedication to minimizing environmental impact while delivering a visually striking focal point. By strategically integrating sustainable practices into our design, we amplified the conference’s theme of technological innovation with a tangible demonstration of corporate responsibility.




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ptc liveworx 2023 led logo

Enhancing Engagement and Brand Visibility

Another standout activation featured an LED-lit PTC logo, prominently displayed at the entrance to the main keynote stage. This dynamic installation not only served as a welcoming beacon but also doubled as a captivating photo opportunity. By leveraging interactive elements like this, VDA ensured that every touchpoint at LIVEWORX reinforced PTC’s brand identity and narrative, enhancing overall attendee experience and fostering deeper connections with the audience.


  • 24% Growth in Attendee Engagement
  • 19% Boost in Social Media Impressions


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