Dexterity Double-Decker Trade Show Exhibit


Enhancing Brand Visibility and Engagement in the Robotics Industry

VDA teamed up with Dexterity Robotics, a pioneering warehouse robotics startup, to successfully launch its AI-powered technology in a competitive industry, challenging giants like Boston Dynamics and iRobot.

Throughout our partnership, we’ve continuously refined Dexterity’s experiential strategy, evolving from humble beginnings to meticulously crafted experiential campaigns. Our dual focus encompassed enhancing brand visibility and engaging industry professionals, all while fostering education and product adoption.¬†

Dexterity Modex 2024 Double-Decker Trade Show Booth brand exhibit


Innovative Exhibit Designs Highlighting Robotics in Action

At trade shows, we conceptualized and executed complex exhibit designs and brand activations that showcased Dexterity’s depalletizing technology in action. Our design team meticulously crafted event space layouts to showcase Dexterity’s robots’ capabilities on the show floor, while our project managers orchestrated seamless onsite execution, ensuring safety measures and communication were flawlessly coordinated.


Enhancing Trade Show Presence with a Dynamic Double-Decker Exhibit

With our strategic guidance, Dexterity experienced significant success, expanding its industry footprint. We introduced innovative elements such as the double-decker exhibit experience at the MODEX 2024 conference. This dynamic design with LED lighting and screens, defined demo spaces, concierge corners, and second-floor meeting areas, enhanced Dexterity’s presence on the expo floor and facilitated meaningful interactions with key stakeholders.


Hyper-realistic precision in our rendering of Dexterity’s double-decker exhibit, setting the standard for immersive event design

  • 40% ¬†Increase in Contacts Created
  • 35% Social Media Engagement Boost
  • 56% Growth in Foot Traffic


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