Cow Parade New England Preview Party 2023
June 13, 2023

Cow Parade New England 2023 Preview Party

VDA to Host Dana-Farber Cow Parade Preview Party: A Grand Unveiling to Kickstart the New England Cow Parade, Prior to the Cows’ Public Display from June 24 – September 4, 2023.

Boston, MA – June 12, 2023

Cow Parade New England, an extraordinary public art event, is set to captivate the region this summer. In anticipation of the grand unveiling on June 15, VDA Inc. is thrilled to announce the highly anticipated Cow Parade New England Preview Party. This exclusive invitation-only event will offer esteemed guests, artists, and sponsors a unique opportunity to gather and admire all 75 “moo-sterpieces” in one location before they are placed on public display throughout New England.

The Cow Parade New England Preview Party will take place on Thursday, June 15, 2023, from 5:30-7:30 pm at the headquarters of VDA, Inc., located at 63 Inner Belt Road, Somerville, MA 02143. VDA, Inc. has worked closely with the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute over the past several months to ensure the success of the New England Cow Parade, with a primary objective of creating a conducive and comfortable environment for talented artists to work on their cows. Now, the time has come to witness the culmination of their efforts as the entire herd is gathered for one final viewing.

Cow Parade New England 2023 Preview Party

“We are excited to present the Cow Parade New England Preview Party in partnership with the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute,” said David G. Breen, Principal Designer & Founder of VDA, Inc. “This exclusive event is an opportunity to celebrate the incredible talent and creativity of our local artists, while also raising awareness and support for the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute’s efforts to defy cancer.”

Transforming their parking lot into an enchanting venue, VDA, Inc. is creating an experience for attendees to explore the facilities where these magnificent creations were brought to life and enjoy the chance to see all 75 “moo-sterpieces” in one location. The Cow Parade is a public art event for people of all ages, featuring 75 life-sized cows and 10 mini moos that have been painted and transformed by local artists. To celebrate 75 years of progress and impact made by the Jimmy Fund community, the cows will be displayed in pastured throughout New England this summer, then sold for the proceeds directly benefiting the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute’s efforts tireless efforts to combat cancer.

Cow Parade New England Preview Party June 15 2023 Cow Parade New England Launch Party June 15 2023

To learn more about the New England Cow Parade and how you can purchase a cow of your own, visit their official website. By supporting the Cow Parade, individuals, organizations, and businesses have a unique opportunity to contribute to the arts, engage with the community, and make a positive impact in the fight against cancer.

About VDA: VDA, Inc. is a multi-award-winning Experiential Event Design Agency based in Boston, MA. We create immersive brand activations with a focus on human connection and engagement. Our creative team brings visions and brands to life with an innovative and dynamic approach that transforms client events into unforgettable experiences.

Sponsors: Hosted by the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, the Jimmy Fund, and VDA Inc. Presented by Herb Chambers.

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