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Transforming the furniture shopping experience

Jordan’s Furniture came to VDA looking to transform “boring” traditional furniture shopping into a one-of-a-kind “shoppertainment” experience. We were tasked to design and build a massive retail activation to boost customer engagement in their Reading, MA location. The concept was inspired by the city of Boston, aka Beantown, which we decided to bring inside the retail store, only in a sweeter, jelly-beans version.

25 Million jelly beans and hundreds of hours later…

Jordan’s Furniture “Beantown,” is a sugar replica of Downtown Boston and its most famous landmarks made up of almost twenty-five million jelly beans. With each step into the retail activation experience, guests escape their everyday lives and become immersed in the sweet candy world.

Some of the sculptures in this one-of-a-kind permanent retail installation include ‘The Green Wall Monster’ (Red Sox Mascot) crushing a NY Yankee player in his mitt; ‘The Big Dig’, a giant banana split that sits atop of the ice cream stand, and a human-sized flower garden all made of jellybeans. Did we mention that kids can be transported around in Jordan’s famous taxi strollers?

Besides this large-scale candy land retail installation and the furniture store itself, the building also houses an IMAX 3D theater, a Liquid Fireworks water show, a trapeze school, a Richardson’s Ice Cream shop (jimmies!) and a Fuddruckers restaurant.

Jelly beans retail activation - VDA

  • 487K Earned Media Impressions
  • 23% ROI goal exceeded
  • 231,458 Visitors so far

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