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Constructing A Well-Branded Environment

Besides in-person and virtual events, VDA brings brands to life through corporate interior design and permanent installations. Recently, we completed a project for PTC, a leading computer software company that drives industrial innovation by providing solutions that enable companies to improve operational excellence and increase workforce productivity.

Creating A Place With Meaning & Purpose.

Working closely with our client, we designed and built a modern, engaging environment that enhances the innovative reputation PTC is so well recognized for. To do so, we created a series of individually scaled interactive experiences and “display islands”, each presenting a different PTC technology offering. Showcasing the company’s industrial solutions directly in the atrium gives visitors the opportunity to see, touch, learn, and engage with the space the second they enter.

“Display Islands” are made of dual platforms, which give extra dimension and structure. We also installed LED strip lights into the bottom recess area of the island to create an illuminating accent glow. The combination of ultra-matte materials, sharp geometric shapes, and LED lighting give the environment a sleek, contemporary look.




Flawless Audiovisual Technology Configuration.

Audiovisual technology plays an important role in corporate interior design. Our designers and engineers worked closely together to ensure that audiovisual and communication technology is flawlessly configured to coalesce with the intended UC environment.

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Want to see more? Explore this commercial environment in a virtual tour.

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