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Bring Big Bootie Land to Life: A Wildly Successful Immersive Festival Experience

VDA was proud to collaborate with long-time partners, BEG Events, to bring “Big Bootie Land” to life at the brand-new MGM Music Hall Fenway in Boston. The festival series hosted by the music group Two Friends, takes place annually in a new city, alongside the release of their new remix. The group wanted to create a branded, immersive world with the release of their latest big bootie mix, by bringing the big bootie land storyline to life. The event was a major success selling out both nights and set to repeat in multiple cities this upcoming year.

From Photo Ops to Dimensional Letters: Brand Activations That Drive Attendee Engagement

When thinking through how to bring the “Big Bootie” brand to life, BEG and VDA started to brainstorm unique brand activations that extended the Two Friends brand into an in-person experience. One of the first activations that BEG and VDA came up with was a custom photo op experience that featured props and a backdrop inspired by the Big Bootie Land theme. Attendees could take photos and share them on social media, generating buzz for the event and the Two Friends brand. This experience was a hit with attendees who were looking for a new and unique way to engage with the Two Friends brand. Another creative solution was “Big Bootie Land” dimensional letters. These letters were designed to resemble the Big Bootie Land logo and were placed on the main staircase of the event space, allowing attendees to snap a photo or two before heading to their seats.




Immersive Visual Experience Through Custom Signage

To bring Big Bootie Land to life, BEG and VDA also worked together to create a cohesive visual and branding experience throughout the event. One key aspect of the Big Bootie Land event was the custom signage that BEG and VDA created to enhance the immersive experience. From the moment attendees arrived, they were greeted with printed graphics featuring the Big Bootie Land logo and characters in vibrant, eye-catching colors. Graphics were strategically placed throughout the venue, helping to guide attendees and reinforce the Big Bootie Land theme. By incorporating branded signage into the event, BEG and VDA were able to create a cohesive and memorable visual experience that helped to solidify the Two Friends brand in the minds of attendees.

Overall, the collaboration between BEG Events and VDA was instrumental in bringing the Two Friends brand to life in an immersive and engaging way. The success of the event demonstrates the power of experiential event design and the impact that it can have on building brand awareness and loyalty.


Take a Look at the Renderings: A Visual Treat to Complement the Physical Event Photos

Step into a world of hyper-realistic wonders with VDA’s cutting-edge rendering capability. Our pride and passion for precision know no bounds.

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