October 9, 2023

Your Cheat Sheet to AI Tools for Event Planners: Streamline Planning and Enhance Events

By Heather Munnell

Planning and hosting unforgettable events just got a whole lot more exciting and easier, thanks to the power of AI! In this digital age, event planners are embracing a new era of innovation with a range of AI-driven tools and platforms. These incredible applications not only make event planning a breeze but also add a dash of fun and creativity to the mix. Find the top 10 AI recommendations revolutionizing the event industry compiled by Heather Munnell, Director of Client Experience, and shared at IMEX America’s – Smart Mondays.

Here are the top 10 recommended AI applications for the events industry with playful descriptions and the corresponding links:

AI tools for event planning

1. ChatGPT: ChatOn

Elevate your event with ChatGPT: your AI chat buddy! It’s like having R2-D2 as your event co-pilot. Need answers? ChatGPT’s got you covered!

2. LiveChat

Say goodbye to event-related stress. LiveChat’s bots handle attendee questions like a pro, so you can sip your event-themed cocktail in peace.

3. InEvent: Event Technology AI App Integration to ChatGPT

Tired of event apps that are as exciting as watching paint dry? Enter InEvent’s AI magic to transform your event app into a wizard’s hat of awesomeness!

4. Project Spark: by Gevme & PCMA

Project Spark: Because every event planner secretly dreams of having a magical event genie. Your wish is Project Spark’s command!

5. beehiiv: AI Built for Newsletter Operators

Beehive AI: Because sending out event newsletters shouldn’t be as painful as getting stung by a swarm of bees. Get buzzin’ with smarter newsletters!

6. Gamma: Creating Custom PPT Options

Gamma: The secret weapon for turning boring presentations into PowerPoint parties! Your audience won’t snooze; they’ll be saying, “Gamma, more, please!”

7. Midjourney: Art Generator

Unleash your inner Picasso and give your event a surreal twist with Midjourney’s AI artistry. Who needs boring decorations when you can have AI-generated masterpieces?

8. Dall-E2 by OpenAI

When event visuals speak louder than words. Just describe your vision, and Dall-E2 will make it a reality. Picasso who?

9. Adobe Photoshop AI editing

Adobe Photoshop AI: Because not everyone can be a supermodel, but your event photos sure can! No more “bad angle” excuses for your event pics.
Transform photos and make gorgeous graphics | Adobe Photoshop

10. InVideo

Lights, camera, AI-tion! InVideo turns event promo videos into Hollywood blockbusters. Now, your event can have its red carpet moment.

As we conclude our exploration of these remarkable AI-powered tools, it’s clear that the event industry is rapidly evolving, but this is just the beginning. Technology is advancing, and innovation continues to shape the field. Embrace the power of AI, stay curious, and anticipate even more exciting developments on the horizon. We look forward to seeing the extraordinary events you’ll create with AI’s assistance.

Wonder how to implement AI into your event planning process? Reach out to us and we will answer all the questions you might have!

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