Farm to Screen Virtual 3D Experience

The Greater Boston Food Bank


The Challenge

The Farm to Table fundraiser event is hosted every year in September by The Greater Boston Food Bank (GBFB) to show appreciation to all its partners and advocates for their financial contributions and undivided support. It is traditionally held on a local farm that produces food for the food bank. GBFB had to come up with alternatives for the annual in-person gala event given the COVID-19 pandemic.

GBFB, a naturally resourceful and responsive organization, reached out to VDA to help them produce a customized virtual fundraising event for its attendees. Hence, how the Farm-to-Screen virtual experience was born.

Farm to screen virtual fundraiser event


GBFB, in partnership with VDA, wanted to create a digital event that would cater to its key objectives. These were the same as its live fundraisers and the level of expectations did not change even with a shift in the format. GBFB was looking to:

  • Convert the unique nature of the live experience into a digital setting
  • Raise money to help bring food on the table to those in need
  • Promote awareness about the food scarcity during COVID-19 and provide education on how to get involved and help end hunger

Producing a stunning 3D flyover video

VDA produced an animated 3D flyover video as part of the event’s e-invitation to get attendees excited about the Farm-to-Screen virtual experience. This created a lot of buzz and excitement from invitees on all social media channels.

Delivering an interactive vibrant experience

With the host’s goals in mind, VDA created a virtual fundraiser that was an honest reflection of the actual live event. We constructed a 3D farm environment with a barn, an outdoor fireplace, a jukebox and many more interactive stations. The intuitive interface allowed for easy navigation through the virtual space, keeping attendees interested and engaged. Attendees loved being immersed in the hyper-realistic digital version of a familiar place and discovering carefully produced and curated digital content.

The ability to access the virtual experience from all devices without compromising quality helped to draw more attendees to the event and kept them involved in the experience longer.

Greater Boston Food Bank Fundraising event platform

GBFB Virtual Experience Farm to Screen Fundraser

Finely crafted custom 3D environment

GBFB wanted to host both pre-recorded content as well as live video options. To make the virtual experience more inviting and cozy, VDA designed a fireplace station for live chat sessions and an outdoor cinema site, where attendees could watch a selection of pre-recorded presentations on-demand. We placed a donation jar in every interactive station with the goal to maximize donation contribution from attendees, which proved to have been very effective.

Online fundraising event platform - VDA Virtual


The very first GBFB virtual fundraising event was a huge success. The total amount of attendees doubled and fundraising revenue quadrupled compared to 2019.

  • $425K Raised to end hunger
  • 400% Increase in fundraising revenue compared to 2019
  • 210% Increase in attendance compared to 2019


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